02_WYSPA Institute of Art, Gdansk, Poland

23rd November -15th December 2007

Since September 2004, the Wyspa Institute of Art, on the grounds of the Gdańsk Shipyard in the building of the former Basic Shipbuilding School, has been the home of the Wyspa Progress Foundation, an innovative artistic organization combining the presentation of contemporary art with deliberations on the shape of social culture.

At Wyspa Institute of Art, the Mobile Archive collection will be enlarged by video works made by Polish artists. To make the viewing much more comfortable, it will be possible to sit and watch the chosen works. It is presented in Gdansk as part of “The Impossible Collection.” The archive touches upon the issues of accumulation, status and distribution of artwork though the archival forms that differ from that of the collection idea.

“The Impossible Collection” is a project taking place within the framework of a larger group of events under the leading title “Translate. Beyond Culture: The Politics of Translation”, initiated and theorized by the European Institute for Progressive Cultural Policies [eipcp] www.translate.eipcp.net .

The project is aimed at reframing the collection of the Wyspa Progress Foundation through innovative curatorial practices. The team of curators consists only of international guests in order to approach the artworks from the perspective from outside and to achieve the form of display that targets beyond just a representation of artists and subjects.

Mobile Archive exhibition view | WYSPA

*For details of the exhibition opening and parallel panel discussion, please see the events calendar.

Curator of Polish contributors and coordinator: Ola Grzonkowska
On view: 23rd November -15th December 2007

Tue-Wed, Fri-Sun, 12.00-18.00

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