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Big Hope (Dominic Hislop & Miklos Erhardt)
Inside Out (1998), Hungary, 21min
Talking about Economy I – II. (2003), Hungary/Germany,
30min each

Nine Budde
Gone with the Wind (2007), Germany, 4.20min
Black Wedding (2006), Germany, 3.34min
Nashmiri Sain Do Yo (2005), Germany, 1.38min

Arne Bunk
An Actress Tries To Cry (2007), Germany, 2.40min

Arne Bunk/Erich Pick
Poster-Sessions #1 & #2 (2005), Turkey, 10 min / 8min

Chto Delat
Builders (2004/2005)
Angry Sandwich People (2005), 7.20min

Lenka Clayton
Queda Quality Question Quickly Quickly Quiet (2003), UK, 20min
Zeifel (doubt) (2007), UK, 32

Lenka Clayton and James Price
Conversation (2006), UK, 18min
People in Order (2006), UK, 4 x 3min

Margit Czenki/Christoph Schäfer
Park Fiction presents. Unlikely Encounters in Urban Space (2004/2006), Germany, 134min
Park Fiction – Desires will leave the House and Take to the Streets (1999/2002), Germany, 60min

Miklos Erhardt
Havanna (2006), Hungary, 14.40min
Jeanne Faust
IV (2005), Germany , 9min
Interview (1998), France, 9min

Samuel Hopkins
Naked Snail (2006), Germany, 7.48min

Eva Könnemann
With You (2006)
Where My Line Touches Yours (2005), Germany, 15min
Light Boy (2003), Germany, 17min

Nina Könnemann
Der Zaun (2007)
Unrise (2002)

Lutz Krüger
The Hole Story (2007), Germany, 5min

Mark Lewis
Selected Works 1998-2003

Armin Linke
Gaza (2003)
Baghdad (2002)

Little Warsaw (Andras Galik & Balint Havas)
Cyril and Method (2005-2007)

Eva Meyer / Eran Schaerf
Documentary Credit (1998), Israel/Palestine Territories/Germany, 71min

Anneke Nuijen/Florian Huettner/Till Krause
Hi (2005), Germany, 6min
Stefan Panhans
Glow (2006), Germany, 12.35min (Loop)
Sieben bis Zehn Millionen (2005), Germany, 5.30min
Pool (2004), Germany, 7min

Erich Pick
Frameworks (Given – Wanted) (2003), Germany, 2.40min

Sandra Schäfer
The Maiking of a Demonstration (2004),Germany,11min

Eske Schlüters
Vanished Into Thin Air (2006), 6min
True To You (2005), 6min
Límite Meanwhile with Axel Gärtner (2005), 18min
Knowing As Much As The Man in The Moon – Soviel Verstehen wie ein Blinder von Farben (2004), 7min

Jochen Schmith
Specific Setting (2006), Germany, 2.17min
Proben A-K (2006), Germany, 1.57min
Five Stepps Forward, Four Stepps Back (2007), Germany, 6.28min
Placeholder (2005), Germany, 4.33min

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