05_Maribor Art Gallery, Slovenia

1st April – 10th April, 2008


Maribor Art Gallery is the second biggest museum of modern art in Slovenia with a collection of over 3000 art works of Slovene modern and contemporary art ranging from the beginning of the 20th Century until today including painting, sculpture, works on paper and photography as well as video art, installations and interactive art works.

The gallery is situated in a historic building in the city’s centre with the exhibition spaces exceeding 1000 m2. UGM presents over 20 exhibitions per year, focusing mainly on international and national visual artists, retrospective shows and thematic exhibitions, however introducing several exhibitions annually addressing modern and contemporary design, architecture and urban planning. Since 1999 UGM is developing special collection of Slovene video art and focusing its programme and research toward this media.

Maribor will be hosting the archive from April 2 – April 11, 2008. Simona Vidmar, exhibition curator, invites everyone to come explore the themes of Israeli and foreign video art, in likeness and contrast to the Slovene collection.


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