06_Universita luav di Venezia

1st June – 1st July, 2008

Within the Faculty of Arts and Design of the Universita luav di Venezia is Adrian Paci’s class, which will be incorporating the Mobile Archive into their curriculum. Adrian Paci is an artist from Albania who is currently based in Milan, Italy, where he teaches at the University.

The Faculty of Arts and Design began activities in November 2001, and is a university academic program, based on education and research, unique in Italy and on par with some of the most important international schools of art and design. The faculty offers programs in industrial design, visual and multimedia design and communication, the visual arts, and theatre.

The fDA is divided into two strands of academic activity: the first being experimental workshops where students learn to design and develop their own projects through the use of the most appropriate and modern technologies (at times resulting in productions such as those for the theatres of Parma, Rome and Turin, and the Fenice Theatre of Venice, and in exhibitions put on by the courses in industrial design and visual arts); and the second being theory courses which cover a wide range of disciplines, from history, semiotics, sociology, psychology and anthropology, philosophy of the arts, economics and law.

The Iuav (Universita luav di Venezia) is a small university with three faculties and a limited number of students. It stands out from other Italian universities in that it is a “theme-specific” university which is based on the construction and continual transformation of the physical environment, to include cities and territories in which we live, as well as the system of buildings, boundaries and objects with which we are in constant and daily contact. The programs offered by the University pay particular attention to both long-term and short-term characteristics, to the tectonic, mechanical, physical, and material aspects of architecture, as well as to its aesthetic, symbolic, and communicative features.

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