07_Halle für Kunst Lüneburg e.V.

30th August – 20th September, 2008

Halle für Kunst Lüneburg e.V. was founded in 1995 with the idea of self-organized institutions and art clubs in mind, as they became established in Cologne, Hamburg and Berlin at that time. Halle für Kunst Lüneburg e.V. understands itself as place of production, mediation, research, discussion, and distribution through the use of different types of medial channels.

It seems necessary to go further into the question of what potential spaces of contemporary art possess today, what presentation formats are now adequate and what mediation work beyond the conventional guidance programmes can actually mean. Since years Halle für Kunst has been focusing on a new defintion of the idea of “exhibiting” by working in conceptual and performative ways. Halle für Kunst e.V. Lüneburg seeks to place artistic, cultural and scientific practices of socio-political relevance in a dialogue. It grasps itself as a field of experimentation and investigation, which allows tests, presentations and discussions.

In regard to the mediation of art, we today start from the assumption that mediation work, which is limited to lectures and screening, is no longer enough. Instead, we are faced with a rising interest from the outside, which requires in particular a deeper insight into artistic and curatorial work processes. An exchange or even a collaboration with actors of particular projects, which also refers to the conception of works and exhibitions, would be a desideratum for such a new approach in mediation. The performative character of many works of art is realized in the process of the experience of art. As is also the case in newer theoretical approaches, as emphasized by Bruno Latour for example, not only individuals or things act. The issue is instead the interaction of things and people in actor-networks, i.e., the interaction between producers, works of art, mediators and the audience, which constitutes itself in such processes of interrelation. Especially art clubs have the possibility of doing experimental work and they should make use of it. In an art institution, the resolution of art and life should not be called into question; instead, the space of art must be understood as a place of alternative living and as a lab for situation in life. For us, the latter also implies that we repeatedly leave this place in favour of alternative and public spaces.

Due to its structure, Halle für Kunst e.V. always focuses on very young positions in contemporary art. In the past three years most of the projects and exhibitions were realized within the frame of international collaborations. The reason lies, on one hand, in the synergy effects that can be achieved on the curatorial and artistic level, and on the other, in the fact that particularly for smaller venues cooperation has become sensible and necessary in order to realize projects of a high standard.

Since 1999, HALLE FÜR KUNST eV runs a steady exhibition space near the center of Lüneburg. But it nevertheless remains an organisational structure which chooses a specific site for each of ist projects. The city of Lüneburg serves as a geographical basis for the activities of HALLE FÜR KUNST eV

Artistic Directors: Eva Birkenstock & Hannes Loichinger

Postfach 2128
Reichenbachstr. 2
21335 Lüneburg
phone: +49 4131 402001
fax: +49 4131 721344

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